1947 R.Lang founded Studio Lang

1976 Take - Over by Werner Lang

1987 Foundation der lang+lang gmbh

1992 Opening lang+lang Vienna

1995 worldwide first Durst lambda

Lang + Lang as a pioneer of digital photo exposure.

2000 Worldwide First Durst Digital Printer

Lang + Lang buys the first RHO 160 and enters the market of digital printing for fixed and flexible materials

2001 Foundation infoserv Agency

By founding an advertising agency, Lang+Lang enlarges its scope of services and offers graphic design. Full- Service!

2003 Worldwide new: Digitally printing white

2009 Take-Over of reger gmbh in Munich

In July, Lang+Lang enters the German market by taking over the Reger Limited Company in Munich.

2009 Pionieer of glass printing

Lang+Lang and its partners are collaborating concerning the development of the digital printing technology on glass.

2011 lang + Lang: new business facilities

In June 2011 Lang+Lang opened a new facility in Leonding and unites its operational departments of digital printing technology.